Pregnancy and Eating Sushi

Sushi has become a very popular and favorite dish among many residents of the countries. The taste of the land is difficult to describe in words. It is best to take and try them.

But there is quite a fair question – can everyone eat sushi? For example, how are things with pregnant women?

So, is it possible to eat sushi for women in position?

Sushi is generally a very useful product for health. They include – rice, avocado, algae. But there is one “but”. The traditional recipe for sushi involves the presence of raw fish. This is the main danger. Raw fish is the source of many microbes. It is because of this ingredient that doctors prohibit women from eating sushi during pregnancy. In this period, you need to think primarily about the health and well-being of your child.

If you can not live without sushi, then cook them yourself, while replacing the raw fish, slightly salted. Still some experts recommend to use a fish which has preliminary passed thermal processing. This is the only way to protect yourself from food poisoning.

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