Pregnancy and Ecology

231120166Every woman wants to know the joy of motherhood. But now to become a mother it is not so simple. On the condition of a child affected by a great deal: the power of the future mother’s health and the environment. If you can cope with the first two points, the third – the situation is more complicated. Yes, you can move to a cleaner city, but not everyone has the opportunity.

So, how to give birth to a healthy baby in bad environmental conditions?

1. Walking. Expectant mothers need a lot of walking. It is advisable to walk were carried out in the country. The air must be clean. Note scientists from the United States came to the conclusion that air pollution causes heart defects in the fetus.
2. Sunburn. From tanning during pregnancy should be abandoned, because the excess sunlight can cause lowered immunity. Of course, the sun need to spend time, but do not sunbathe.
3. Water. During pregnancy, it is very important to drink high-quality water, in which many trace elements.
4. Electromagnetic radiation. Currently anyone difficult to do without a mobile phone, a computer or television. As for pregnant women, it is necessary to limit the talk time on the phone and stay at the computer.

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