Preparation for the Flight

221120162Nowadays more and more people travel by plane. This is the most convenient and fastest way to reach your destination.

But before you go on a trip, it is necessary to carefully prepare. Of course, this applies to women. What kind of cosmetics you may need during the flight?

The thing is that the plane faster skin becomes dry and dehydrated. To leave the board the plane, a real beauty, bring the necessary cosmetics.

1. Thermal water. There is no better tool for the skin than the thermal water. It perfectly refreshes and invigorates.
2. Mask with moisturizing effect. Mask – is a perfect tool that will help to remove puffiness from the face. After its application the skin will be fresh and rested.
3. Lip Balm. Do not forget about the delicate lip skin. To lips in order, you need to use the lip balm with a gel structure.
4. Hand Cream. Never leave home without a cream. It should include vitamins, which will not only moisturize the skin, but also nourish it.

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