Preparation of the Skin for Shaving

At present it is difficult to find a woman who would not have tried to get rid of excess vegetation on the body. It is fashionable to nowhere in excess hairs and everything was perfectly smooth.

But let’s see how to prepare the skin for shaving? In this regard, it is important to understand, because many women face after shaving with many problems (skin irritation, ingrown hairs).

1. Soften. Before shaving, it is necessary to soften the hair. Make it very simple. We need to take a towel, which is wetted in warm water. After that you need to wrap up. With this method the hair will become softer. Tip – the best time for shaving – it is in the evening, after a shower.
2. No soap. it is not necessary to use soap for shaving. Buy a special foam or shaving gel. Soap very dry and irritate the skin.
3. Direction. Shaving the hair must be strictly according to their direction of growth. In no case something else.

Lovely woman, if you follow these simple rules, then your legs will always be in perfect condition.

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