Preparations for the Event in 15 Minutes

061220163Every woman in life can happen that will prepare for the release of just 15 minutes. In this case, no need to panic. If everything is done correctly, 15 – an eternity and you can freshen up.

So, where to start?

1. Shower. Be sure to take a contrast shower. This will help to cheer up.
2. Leather. Rub skin lotion. It is an excellent tonic and soothes the skin.
3. Eyes. On the eyes, place a cotton ball soaked in chamomile solution. It relieve fatigue from his eyes.
4. Facial massage. Thumbs do a facial massage. It’s enough to pinch the face for about two minutes.
5. The thermal water. Apply on the face thermal water. She will have a wonderful refreshing effect.
6. Make-up and hairstyle. Now it’s time to apply light make-up and cause hair in order. Remember, makeup should be vibrant and defiant. It is enough to put on the face a little bit of foundation, to make up the eyelashes and lips. As for the hair, they can always be collected in the tail. If you have short hair, a little wax on the hair, and you are ready to go to the ball.

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