Prepare to Party

Every woman at least once in his life faced with the complexity that you need an hour to come to the event. It seems that this is not possible. Only nothing is impossible. You do not even need less time than it seems.

1. Shower. It is important to take a shower. It is best to water was cool. This will result in a skin tone.
2. Hair. Be sure to wash your hair and make styling. If you do not want to use a hair dryer, the hair can not be washed and make a beautiful tail (now it is fashionable).
3. Makeup. Now is the time to go to the make-up. It is not necessary to experiment, so you do not correct mistakes. Immediately you apply make-up that suits you. There is nothing better than «smokey eyes».
4. Lipstick. In the evening you can use a lipstick a little darker than in the daytime.
5. Clothing. Ideal cocktail dress. Desirably, it was black. It will be very elegant.
6. Spirits. Apply a few drops of perfume. This will complete your look.

In this way, you can easily conquer any man.

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