Preparing for Childbirth

You are my husband and I decided on a very important step – is the birth of a child. For each pair is a very important and significant event in the life.

But now the question arises – how to prepare for it?

So what should a woman do?

Once you have decided that you are ready for this event, you need to go to the hospital for the delivery of all the necessary tests. Start, of course, need to the gynecologist. The doctor will be able to tell what to do. Most likely, you will have to hand over a smear on an infection that is transmitted through sexual contact, undergo a pelvic ultrasound and examination on a gynecological chair. Yet it is necessary to hand over a blood on ToRCH-infection.

What should I do to the man?

Men need to see a urologist. He will also appoint all the necessary tests. It is not excluded that we will have to pass spermiogram.

As general advice, then for 6 months we need to give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol). Try to eat right, exercise and spend more time outdoors. Happiness to your family!

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