Preventing Constipation

251120166Today, the topic of today’s article will be very sensitive subject (of which is not to say out loud) – constipation. Statistics disappointing. A lot of people have the disease, but not all have the courage to see a doctor and understand the problem.

I must say that bowel movements need each day. If this is not done, it will be absorbed into the blood toxins and intoxication can begin.

So, what to do to get rid of constipation?

1. Prior to the meal. It is important, before breakfast drink a glass of warm water. The liquid will contribute to a better bowel movement. In addition, the water is perfect “launches” the entire body.
2. Nutrition. It is equally important to adjust the diet. Include in your diet dishes from beets. Another useful to eat prunes. Because the diet is necessary to eliminate junk food. It is important to eat small portions.
3. Walking. If you have a sedentary job, then you need to move as much as possible. Charging should be done not only in the morning and evening. Do not ignore evening walks. In addition, it will have a positive effect on sleep.

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