Preventing of Frostbite

In winter, everyone can face the same problem as the frostbite. The situation is quite serious. Therefore, you should always take precautions.

I recommend the rescuers?

1. Alcohol. According to statistics more than 50% of people get frostbite limbs under the influence of alcohol.
2. Smoking. This habit can also cause frostbite. In cold weather, it is better not to smoke in the street.
3. Clothing. In winter you need to wear clothes made of natural fabrics. Dress should be, as the “cabbage”. This means that the more layers of clothing, the better.
4. Scarf and gloves. Always wear in cold weather, scarf and gloves. It is best to choose these things as natural (wool).
5. Cream. When the wind outside, the exposed areas of the skin should be lubricated with a special cream.
6. Ornaments. From decorations in the winter it is best to give up, because it attracts great cold.
7. Food. Before going outdoors in cold weather should always be tightly eat. Do not leave the body without energy.

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