Preventing of Stress

Now more and more people in the world is exposed to stress. The reason for this can be a problem at work, with friends or with my husband. In general, the reasons may be many, but the result – one.

So how can you resist stress? This should be done differently to depression will be just a few steps.

1. Salt. Discard the salt. This spice can have a negative effect on human health. Salt helps to ensure that liquid held up in the body. This in turn leads to high blood pressure. Give preference to the curry, garlic. It is much more useful products.
2. Walking. Everyone is used to jam stress sweets. This is wrong, as it only leads to weight gain. It is much wiser to go for a walk or just take the stairs.
3. Sleep. To get rid of stress, you need to sleep. In the dream, a person is resting. In the morning you can look at the problem through different eyes.
4. Variety. Try to make your life more fun and varied. Do something that brings joy and happiness.

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