Preventing Stretch Marks

Every woman dreams about her to have a baby. This is absolutely normal unfortunately, because that is the nature. Man must multiply.

However, one should always remember that you are a woman. During and after pregnancy need to be beautiful.
It is worth noting that today more and more women are faced with a problem – how to stretch marks after giving birth.

Undoubtedly, the problem is more than cosmetic. Still, it is worth considering how to provide prevention of stretch marks.

I must say that it makes more sense to provide prevention of stretch marks, than to treat them. they give hard treatment. Most often they are removed surgically.

So, there is some stretch marks prevention?

1. Power. Eat foods in which a lot of protein. Protein makes the skin more elastic.
2. Douches. This procedure will make the skin more supple and elastic.
3. Bandage. When the stomach becomes big, wear a bandage.
4. Cream of stretch marks. Now it presented a huge number of creams that prevent stretch marks. Start using it as soon pregnant.

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