Prevention of a Dangerous Disease

Now more and more people around the world are facing such a dangerous disease as oncology. Unfortunately, a panacea has not been found yet. Yes, the disease can be cured, only at this point there are many “but” (the stage of the disease, which organ is affected).

In this regard, scientists have developed basic methods of prevention.

1. Movement. Try to move more. You do not need to lead a low-activity lifestyle. The more a person moves, the better for his health.
2. Inspection of the body. Regularly watch your body. Women need to inspect the breast once a month, and men – testicles.
3. Diet. It is important to establish a diet. Refuse the smoked dishes, as they contain carcinogens (substances that can cause cancer).
4. Mobile phones. Try to use the mobile phone as little as possible. The radiation that comes from it has a negative impact on health.
5. Immunity. Keep track of your immunity status. He must always be strong.

Be healthy!

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