Prevention of Breast Cancer

171120165At present, more and more women are faced with a serious problem like breast cancer. Statistics are not comforting. However, do not despair and panic. If you strictly follow all recommendations, you can protect yourself from such an insidious disease.

How is it possible to provide breast cancer prevention?

1. Liquor. Minor consumption of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. Doctors strongly recommend not to drink alcohol more than three times a week.
2. Sports. The practice of sport should be regularly. Do not forget about the walks in the fresh air. The more time to devote to these pursuits, the better for your health.
3. Weight. It is very important to watch your weight. Do not gain weight, and then reset it. Weight should always be stable.
4. Inspection. Each month, a woman has to examine their own breasts. Even if there are problems, they will be identified at an early stage. After 40 years it is necessary 2 times a year to do ultrasound breast and attend mammalogy.

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