Prevention of Colds in Winter

No one likes to be sick. This statement is quite normal because nothing pleases the world during his illness. But what if there was not a single person is not immune to colds, especially in winter and autumn season.

But do not forget about your health, you can always have a prevention. It is much easier and simpler.

So what should you do for prophylactic purposes?

1. Airing. Do not forget to regularly ventilate the room. Air should always be fresh.
2. Food. As for food, then you need to eat well. During this period do not need to diet. This is not the right moment. Now we need to eat right, to give the body strength.
3. Wash hands. Once arrived in the street, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. Dirty hands can never touching your eyes and nose.
4. Liquid. Very importantly, the normal amount of liquid drink daily. Avoid dehydration.
5. Clothing. Dress for the weather is always necessary. You can not supercool.

As you can see, preventive measures are quite simple. The main thing is to learn to observe them!

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