Prevention of Dementia

2511201610Each person is immune from such a serious problem as dementia (Alzheimer’s disease). It is worth noting that the disease could push not only the elderly man. Now with this pathology experienced by people of a mature age.

If you’ve never heard of this disease, then you need to get acquainted with its main symptoms.

You can identify these symptoms: loss of memories, lack of mental capacity, forgetfulness (a person can not find their relatives).

It should be noted that the prevention of disease have not so difficult.

To do this, just to eat. Because the diet is necessary to exclude the following list of products: fatty meats, dairy products with high content of fat, butter, fatty and fried foods.

The diet is necessary to diversify the following products: lean meat (chicken, turkey), lean fish, fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities, vegetable oil (no more than 2 tablespoons a day).

As you can see, if a person is to eat right, he will live for a long time!

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