Prevention of Hair Loss

Now more and more women are faced with such a problem as hair loss. This is a real difficulty that must be dealt with.

So, what should you do to make your hair strong and healthy?

1. Nutrition. If the hair is actively falling out, then you need to revise the diet. This means that you need to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Even more attention should be given to the use of cottage cheese. If you eat it every day, then your hair will drop much less and get a beautiful shine.
2. Hair coloring. Very often, hair loss can be associated with hair coloring. More often with such a problem facing blondes. It is they who within 2 weeks immediately see the overgrown roots. The appearance is not very impressive, so you need to dye your hair more often than usual. This leads to hair loss. You can always dye your hair in a more natural color.
3. Care. Provide quality care. This means that you need to apply at least once a week a hair mask on your hair. Its best to cook yourself. Ingredients can be very diverse (honey, kefir, eggs).

Be beautiful!

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