Prevention of Swelling in the Legs

Now more and more women are faced with the problem – swelling of the legs. Undoubtedly, sometimes the reason for this can be bad heredity, but most of the blame for the man himself. Blame uncomfortable shoes. Another reason may be – a sedentary lifestyle.

So, how to protect themselves from the swelling of legs?

1. Footwear. You do not need a long walk in the same shoes.
2. High Heel. Try as little as possible to wear shoes with high heels. Prefer comfortable shoes.
3. Massage. After a hard day you need to massage the legs.
4. Cold shower. Do not forget before going to bed to wash his feet in cold water from the shower.
5. Pillow. Always put your feet on the pillow. This method helps to relieve blood pressure.
6. Break. During a break at work make a little workout for the legs. Just do not forget about it.

To be healthy, you need to look after their health. Of course, every woman wants to look attractive. However, do not forget about your health. If the problem already exists, you should not aggravate it even more.

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