Prevention of Varicose Veins

Now more and more women are faced with this disease as varicose veins. Sometimes people are to blame for many of their diseases. If everything is done properly, the disease can be prevented.

So, what disease prevention exist?

1. Clothing. No need to wear tight clothes, if there is a predisposition to the disease.
2. Heat load. We need to spend less time in the sun and in the bath.
3. How to sit? I never have to sit leg to leg. This is a very bad habit.
4. Shoes with heels. Avoid shoes with high heels. Narrow shoes are also not the best option.
5. Sport. Try to spend more time outdoors, walking on foot. Good to enroll in a gym.
6. The position of the body. No need to sit or stand for a long time. It is best to alternate between two positions.
7. Massage. After a day you need to spend a foot massage. This is a great way to improve circulation.
8. Shower. There is nothing better for the vessels and veins, what a douche.

Lovely women, watch their health from a young age.

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