Principles of a Varied and Healthy Diet

At present, many people are interested in the issue of healthy eating. This is due to the fact that doctors recommend eating properly, because this can prolong life for many years.

Just what are the principles of healthy eating?

1. Variety. Try to make the food more diverse. In the diet should be present as much as possible vegetables, fruits. Just do not forget about eating meat, fish and dairy products. Such a diet will preserve the harmony and beauty of the figure.
2. Freshness. If possible, eat only fresh food. This is not always convenient. But it is the freshly prepared food that brings the body twice as much benefit.
3. Method of preparation. It is very important to give up fried and smoked dishes. There are many other more useful ways of cooking (cooking, stewing).
4. TV. During the meal, you need to concentrate as much as possible on this matter. You can not talk on the phone or watch TV. When eating, you need to think only about food.

Eat right to have good health and a beautiful figure!

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