Problems after Birth

Birth of a child – is a miracle. The whole family is looking forward to this moment. You will see one more person on the ground, who took half you and half of your husband. It is difficult to describe in words what a mother feels when she takes her first child in her arms.

But there is a downside.

So, but what challenges a woman may encounter after the birth? It’s about cosmetic problems.

1. Increased hairiness. During pregnancy, a woman may face the problem of increased hairiness. Hair may begin to grow actively in the stomach. On this account it is not necessary to worry very much. After delivery, within 3 months, everything will pass. You just forget about this problem forever.
2. Pigmentation. On the face may begin to appear different spots. Unfortunately, not all women are tested after birth.
3. Stretch. Stretch marks often appear on the chest and abdomen. To avoid this, you need to regularly lubricate the problem areas with oil. If the skin is well hydrated, it will be no problems.

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