Procedures to Be Performed in the Shower

Each of us after work dreams of a warm shower. Here you can relax and forget about all problems. In addition, with a shower, everyone comes out clean and tidy. Only not everyone knows that in the soul it is necessary to carry out procedures that will contribute to the revival of our beauty and youth.

1. Body massage. Before you start taking a shower, it’s important to massage the entire body. A sponge of medium hardness needs to rub the whole body. So the deadly particles will all be removed.
2. The mask. Do not forget that during the shower, you can always put a mask on your face. This will give the skin a healthier and more groomed look.
3. Singing. Sing in the shower. Do not be shy. With the flow of water will take away all the negative and bad mood.
4. Nails. When the skin is steamed, try moving the cuticle down a little. This will give the nail a more beautiful shape. Then apply a moisturizing oil to this area.

As you can see, in the soul you can make a lot of useful for yourself. Most importantly, do not forget to smile more often, looking in the mirror.

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