Products for Feminine Charm

Every woman wants to be special. To do this, none of us have spared no money to buy cosmetics, no time. The beauty of a woman playing a key role.

But do not forget that much more important to provide proper nutrition to female beauty. But not all women know this.

So what should you eat to look delicious?

1. Pomegranate. Do not give up pomegranate juice. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which have a rejuvenating effect.
2. Olive oil. Of course, everyone knows how useful oil for the human body. Remarkably, it is used both for external and internal use. The use of the same.
3. Cabbage. Cole – is one vegetable that you need to eat every day for women. Drink it can be fresh or pickled form. This product improves the intestinal microflora, detoxifies. This means that the skin is healthy.
4. Oysters. You want to have beautiful hair and long nails? Eat oysters. In addition, they contain iodine, which is needed for normal functioning of the thyroid gland.
5. Green tea. This drink has a unique property. With it, you can make the skin smoother, younger and attractive.

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