Products that Can Not Be Eaten by Men

Every representative of the strong half of humanity cares about his male health. For each of them it is extremely important. How do you want, to remain full of energy until old age. What for this it is necessary to do? Of course, to adjust the diet. There are many products that are best to refuse.

1. Soybeans. The less in the diet of soy, the better. Soy contains estrogen (a female hormone), which affects badly on erections.
2. Trans fats. We all love to eat a fat burger or cheeseburger. But, eating such dishes, you need to remember your health. Most often these products have a bad effect on the blood vessels and heart. As a consequence of the problem with erection.
3. Sugar. When a person eats a lot of sugar, the level of testosterone in the body is greatly reduced.
4. Canned food. Today, in the canned food add various chemicals that have a bad effect on erections. Canned fish and stews – exclude from your menu.

Proper nutrition – a pledge of male power always know and remember about it.

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