Products that Contribute to the Development of Cellulite

Every woman Lays her figure, skin condition. But it so happens that the unexpected happens. For example, it appears in the hip area of ​​”orange peel”. This problem is faced and skinny and overweight women. Tedious to say that the problem can be overcome only by revising your diet.

So, from what products should be discarded?

1. Alcohol. Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories. In addition, during a party people are accustomed to good snack. This means that your calorie intake is simply enormous.
2. Coffee. Coffee has a negative impact on the entire body (affected blood vessels, blood flow deteriorates). This is the reason that the fabric is not oxygen dopoluchaet. This leads to the appearance of cellulite.
3. Mayonnaise. Everyone is used to fill mayonnaise salad, but it is wrong. You can always use a mixture of useful (olive oil and lemon juice). The mayonnaise does not contain anything useful, a cut fats, which are rapidly absorbed.

Eat well and be beautiful!

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