Products that Help Cope with Allergies

Now more and more people are faced with allergic reactions. It is difficult to say why so many people are affected by the disease. Perhaps excessive use of detergents is bad for the body. But no matter how it was, the season of allergies must be experienced. How can this be done and what foods can be added to the diet?

1. Vitamin C. What a person will consume vitamin C, the better. With its help, the manifestation of allergic reactions can be suspended a little. Vitamin C is found in parsley, oranges, coriander, black currant, pepper.
2. Magnesium. Eat more foods with magnesium content. This micronutrient helps the immune system cope with its basic function. Magnesium is found in seeds of dill, sesame, almonds, pine nuts, oatmeal.
3. Omega-3 fatty acids. It is not superfluous to include in the diet products that contain fatty acids (fish of fatty varieties).

Nutrition plays an important role in the life of every person. If everything is done correctly, then many diseases can be prevented.

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