Products that Kill Immunity

Now people have become more sick. But we ourselves are the culprits of all this. Our way of life, malnutrition – all this negatively affects the state of the immune system.

So, let’s find out what kills our immunity?

1. Margarine. In margarine contains a lot of trans fats, which in every possible way they try to harm (development of atherosclerosis, various toxic effects).
2. Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise has a bad effect on metabolism and health in general. Household homemade mayonnaise is much more useful. It’s easy to cook. You can say such a product is even useful.
3. Sugar and flour. If sugar and flour are present in one product, then wait for the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits.
4. Bouillon cubes. It’s just a poison that kills the entire human immune system.
5. Sausage. The sausage contains a lot of salt, as well as additives that make it taste more expressive. A piece of boiled meat is much more useful.

Learn and accustom yourself to eat right. It is necessary to understand that our health depends on this.

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