Products that Lead to Yellowness of Teeth

More and more people are faced with the problem of yellowness of teeth. It should be noted that most often this is not a disease, but an external defect. The cause of yellowing of the teeth – these or other food products.

So, what foods can cause the teeth to turn yellow?

1. Soy sauce. Most often sauce is eaten together with sushi and rolls. Many notice that it is after using soy sauce that the teeth turn yellow.
2. Berries. Most often, the teeth turn yellow in the summer, because the full abundance of berries is found during this period. Berries contribute to the formation of a film on the teeth. And, what will be then everyone understands.
3. Tea. Tea contains tannins, which cause yellowing of tooth enamel. Note that in coffee these substances are much less.
4. Red wine. Everyone knows how much wine is good for the heart. However, red wine very strongly stains teeth. Note that white wine works the same way. Both drinks contain substances that destroy enamel.

To keep your teeth healthy and white, you just need to adjust your diet.

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