Products that Will Prevent Heart Disease

The pathology of the heart is quite common today. In this case, the disease affects a fairly young generation. The reasons for this may be mass – stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle.

So, what foods need to be included in the diet, so as not to suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

1. Omega-3 fatty acids. Eat more fish, which contain very necessary for the heart of trace elements. Tuna, salmon, herring – should be regularly on your table.
2. Oatmeal porridge. Morning should begin with breakfast, and breakfast – with oatmeal. It is very useful for the whole body.
3. Nuts. Nuts contain a lot of protein and minerals. 2 nuts per day will be quite enough.
4. Garlic. With the help of garlic you can maintain a normal level of cholesterol in the blood. Eat it best in raw form.
5. Broccoli. Cabbage of this type contains many vitamins (E, C), fiber, folic acid, coenzymes. Feel free to eat vegetables and fruits, so that the heart always worked normally.

Be healthy!

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