Products to Increase Hemoglobin

Everyone wants to be healthy. Health – a real man’s wealth. But it so happens that the body fails. Most often due to improper food people are faced with such a problem as a low hemoglobin.

So, what foods to include in your diet to hemoglobin was within the boundaries of the norm?

1. Seafood. The fish need to eat at least 2 times a week. It contains iron, which is easily absorbed by the body.
2. Liver. Liver – a leading one of a content of iron. Eat it safely to win anemia.
3. Seeds and nuts. These products also contain iron in its composition. In addition to this trace element, they contain saturated fats.
4. Green. Spinach, celery, onion – this green should be present on the table year round. In addition, the high content of iron in them, they contain in their composition rich in vitamins.
5. Beef. Give up meat chicken in favor of beef. This product contains in its structure a sufficient amount of iron. At the same time, meat is a dietary, so you can not be afraid of such a figure as the blood cholesterol.

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