Proper Care for Lips

0712201610In winter weather, many women are faced with such a problem as the chapping of the lips. Frost, cold wind – all the main enemies of our lips. They are ugly and rough. These lips will not be able to hide under no makeup.

In this situation, you should immediately take action.

So, what care should be provided in the winter lips?

1. Street. In no case can not lick your lips in the street. Always use hygienic lipstick.
2. Water. If you have dry mouth, you need to drink more water.
3. Sunscreen. Despite the fact that the street winter, always apply sunscreen on the lips. The sun damages the skin and lips, even in the winter.
4. Toothpaste. Abrasive toothpaste, which includes cinnamon may have a negative effect on the lips.
5. Massage. In the evening, before bedtime, you need to dry toothbrush to massage lips. If possible, make a mask based on cottage cheese and honey.
6. Olive oil. Before bedtime lubricate lips with olive oil. Use it to soften and moisturize the lips.

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