Proper care for make-up brushes

Each woman certainly has in her arsenal several brushes in order to apply decorative cosmetics to her face.

But if we talk about the fact that such cosmetics should necessarily be of high quality, then it is worth noting separately that the brushes should always be properly selected and very well groomed. After all, if you start to throw them without cleaning right after the image is finished and the next time you type cosmetic with the same brush with the remains of blush or powder from the last time, it can cause allergic reactions, as well as spoil the entire appearance of the female face.

Thus, as soon as you acquire professional makeup brushes, you should immediately find information on how to properly care for them. After all, all you need for your health is not only high-quality cosmetics. but the tools by which you will put it on your face.

Thus, if you feel that there is nothing more necessary than creating your own images independently, instead of visiting professional make-up artists, then you must certainly get quality brushes that will help you cope with any task. So if you are still not vkurse of how to properly care for make-up brushes, then pay attention to the points on how to wash the brushes properly and how to dry them properly.

How to wash makeup brushes

There are two methods for cleaning brushes, which differ from each other speed of execution. So, the first method is suitable for those who need to quickly clean their brushes in order, for example, to start applying the next makeup. It is this method, most often used by professional make-up artists in which customers come one after another. In this case, it is worth using alcohol-containing sprays for cleaning brushes, which will be an excellent way not only to eliminate cosmetics from villi, but also for disinfection. It is also worth noting that after applying this spray, you must definitely use a towel.

Never use napkins or paper towels, just because their fine particles can remain on the nap.

Another very important point remains that to clean the brush with this spray is until the moment when the towel is completely clean. Surely every girl knows perfectly well that round and teardrop brushes need to be wiped about the towel in circular motions, so as not to disturb the structure of the brush and not change its quality of applying makeup. And those brushes that have a flat tip, it is worth wiping the towels to the right and left, until they also do not stop using it. The second method is to use a special shampoo to clean the brushes instead of using an alcohol-containing spray. Foam from the shampoo gently penetrates into the very depths of the brush and gently cleans it from contamination. Wipe the brush in the same way as after the spray until the towel is completely clean.

How to dry your makeup brushes?

If you do not properly dry your brushes, then most likely, they can not last you long. After all, apart from cleansing, drying the brushes plays an important role. Thus, once you understand how to dry the brush is right and it’s not so difficult, you can immediately draw attention to the fact that the place for this process is to choose the warmest and dryest.

Thus, as soon as you clean your brushes they should be carefully laid out on the table and the bristly part slightly shifted forward. This is necessary to ensure that all hairs evenly dry and do not stick together.

It should also be noted that the attachment between the bristles and the handle of the brush should never be exposed to water. After all, this can lead to the fact that the brushes will eventually disintegrate, and the bristles drop out of it directly on the face. So it’s worth to take care of your brushes and at the same time, observe the basic rules of hygiene.

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