Proper Care for Oily Hair

Nowadays, more and more women are faced with a problem like fatty hair. This means that in the morning, washed hair, by the evening become dirty. Appearance of such hair is simply awful. It seems that the hair is not washed for at least a week.

How can women with this type of hair cope with this complexity? Immediately he will say, it will be inexpensive, because all means are domestic. They were still used by our grandmothers.

1. Aloe. Use aloe to make masks. In the mask that you like most, add a little aloe. The effect will be noticed after the first wash.
2. Honey. Honey contains a lot of useful substances. This product has a tremendous effect when applied externally. The hair after the honey mask will last longer to stay clean. In addition, the smell will be very pleasant.

I want to note that the causes of the problem can be mass – stress, hereditary factor, hormonal failure. But most often – the wrong care. Whatever the reason, the hair should always be clean.

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