Proper Cleansing Oily Skin

291120162Now more and more women are the owners of oily skin. Life is not so simple with this type of skin. It is the worst possible time the skin may be covered with an oily luster. Another problem – a black point. impression will emerge that dirty face. In other words, the appearance is immediately spoiled.

To avoid this, you need to actively deal with the problem. In addition, most of this type of skin have young girls and parks.

1. Water. You should always wash with cold water. Hot water can rinse the face once a week. This simple rule can never be broken. You can also wash your face curd. After its application the person will be soft and velvety.
2. Camphor Cream. This cream is ideal to cope with the problem of oily skin. Use it to narrow pores and make it more elastic.
3. Salt. If you mix the sour cream and salt to get something good scrub. Use a scrub can be several times a week.
4. Mask. To pull the pores on the face mask can be applied with the addition of oat bran.

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