Proper nutrition for athletes

Each organism is considered to be individual. For one person it is much more effective to perform exercises with frequent repetition, while for other people it is better to perform exercises with a small number of repetitions, but with more weight.

All this is because each of us has a different metabolism, as well as a different type of physique. There are three main types of human body: mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph. Endomorphs can be attributed to people who have a tight build with a significant percentage of subcutaneous fat, as well as dense bone.

Such people can often be called fat people. It is these people who need to constantly work themselves out to prevent severe obesity. As for the ectomorph – this type of people has a thin bone, with a small mass, virtually no fat, and this type of people can be of great growth. By the way, sometimes joke that this type of person can study anatomy, since neither can see every bone. As for the third type of physique – mesomorph – it is a balanced human body that has a normal bone dense bone, the muscular system is pronounced, and the percentage of fat mass is at the maximum normal level.

It is believed that people with this physique have the most excellent indicators for bodybuilding. As for the metabolism of all these people, it’s very simple to understand. Ectomorphs are a fast metabolism that instantly digest everything so that they do not eat in food.

Endomorphs – a slow metabolism, and mesomorphs – a normal metabolism. So, proceeding from this, that is, to the data we have, it is possible for each type of person, it is quite simple to correct the correctness of their nutrition when such people try to get a beautiful sports body, with a relief shape of the muscular structure.

For ectomorphs it is important to use as possible carbohydrates, both complex and simple. Only simple carbohydrates are best used before the training process. Mesomorph – for these people carbohydrates becomes a forbidden fruit. Only in the morning a little pasta or, much better and more useful, oatmeal. During the day, proteins, yogurts and vegetables. But the mesomorph is a balanced diet. As usual in the morning, you need to fill your body with complex carbohydrates: porridge, dietary fiber, boiled rice. In the middle of the day, do not forget about your digestion, that is, yogurt is always important. By the afternoon, it’s best to switch to protein foods.

A beautiful sports body is easy to achieve any physique

In nature, a very specific type of physique is very rare. So it is important to correctly adjust your diet in order to achieve your goal. As mentioned above, people who have a lean physique should give more to carbohydrates. But this does not mean that constantly chewing chips, will help to build a beautiful musculature.

Quality carbohydrates are in porridges: oatmeal, rice, couscous, wheat, corn. Do not forget the importance of fiber to your digestion worked like a clock. A lot of fiber is found in vegetables and fruits.

People with a dense body design – mesomorphs, it is best to try to get carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to beans and citrus, which accelerate the metabolic processes of man. And the exercises should be such that for one set you perform at least 12 times the repetitions, each of which is done within two seconds. Mesomorphs, everything should be normal: 40% carbohydrates, 40% proteins and 20 – vegetable fats. But the exercise should be more selective. Here you need to alternate and heavy weights and lungs with a different number of repetitions.

Healthy Eating

Whichever type of physique you are concerned with, it is always important to remember the correctness of nutrition. Especially it concerns ectomorphs. If you need to give more caloric nutrition per day, this does not mean that it takes only one bread and sour cream and consumes it all day. Remember, the benefits of food will only be when this food is natural. The second is never to overeat. It is better to split portions into several of their uses.

For example, 5, 6 parts a day. In this case, there will never be problems with the intestines and you will always feel 100% at all times.

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