Proper Nutrition for Teeth

Now no one can not imagine his life without sweets. Especially, many of us are accustomed to eat sweets at teatime. Sugar causes irreparable damage to the teeth.

So what foods are beneficial for the teeth?

1. Calcium. Calcium – is the trace mineral that is needed teeth. This trace mineral is contained in cottage cheese, dairy products, cream, spinach, green gorochki.
2. Phosphorus. Without phosphorus become the owner of a beautiful and healthy teeth is not so simple. Include in the diet of more meat, fish, shrimp, nuts.
3. Vitamin D. This vitamin is needed to improve the absorption of calcium. Eat more liver, butter. But the most important thing is to spend enough time in the sun.
4. Hard fruits and vegetables. Regularly eat hard fruits and vegetables. It helps cleanse the teeth, massaging the gums.

As you can see in order to have healthy teeth, you need to eat right. This means that it is necessary, first of all, to give up desserts. Far better, eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

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