Proper nutrition is the guarantee of children’s health

As one of the famous philosophers, “The main child to bear,” once put it.

But unfortunately for many parents this playful phrase became really winged. Many parents do not understand, or they pretend that they do not understand that the child’s health needs to be carefully observed from the very first days of the baby. Some nursing grief – mummies, completely forgetting about their responsibility, use in their diet food, which is then very hard to digest by her child, who at that moment are receiving only breast milk from her mother. And even worse begin to abuse cigarettes, and even worse alcohol, which is not acceptable for a nursing woman. When you feed your crumb, you first of all should lead a healthy lifestyle, and eat only those foods that are useful to your still such a defenseless baby.

Remember, proper nutrition is the guarantee of the future health of the baby! Indeed, it is in childhood that the child begins to form a relationship to food in general. His first habits and addictions with age will certainly be able to change, but some still remain constant throughout life.

Organization of baby food

The organization of inadequate baby food can affect not only the level of a child’s physical health, but also his psychological condition, so treat with due attention and responsibility to the organization of nutrition of your kids, especially since science has already proven that the correct and healthy nutrition of the child’s organism at an early stage helps to save his health and confront many diseases of the adult modern world. To avoid this kind of problems, be as responsible as possible to the nutrition of the child from childhood. And so, with babies figured out, but what about the nutrition of small fidgets? Here are some simple recommendations:

1) Do not forget that children primarily pay attention to the appearance and design of the dish. Do not be too lazy and put out of vegetable puree, for example, your baby’s favorite turtle. For this, just show your imagination.
2) For a child, the diet should necessarily be fractional, preferably a little,
but 4-6 times a day.
3) Only home food and no fast food!
4) Eat with the baby. But at the same time, and eat yourself right.
5) Do not make the child eat what he does not want, consult and reckon with his
6) If your child has already reached the school age, cook him breakfast in the form oatmeal or buckwheat flakes, and you can drink them with a glass of milk or cocoa.

In addition, that the child will feel your care, you can avoid tempting bakery products that children buy at school and on the road there. And they, too, often do not benefit the child’s body. Remember, we are responsible for our children since their birth, and they take an example from us.

Love and take care of your babies!

There is no one more dear than his own child, who constantly requires a lot of attention and strength. N even if once you just do not have enough time for a proper and healthy breakfast, then you can get by with an apple and a useful sandwich that should consist only of bran bread, greens and vegetables. Do not let your child get used to the wrong diet, because from this he will certainly become too dependent on food, and even more harmful. Let his childhood pass as if nothing had ever been offered from useful food.

But even if fast food is not avoided from time to time, it’s still every time to remind the child how bad it is and can cause an irreparable negative impact on the health of the child.

It is worth paying very careful attention to your children so that they can always grow up healthy and happy. We need to spoil children and even food, if it is, of course, possible. But only it is worth remembering that growing up they take bad habits with them into adulthood, where no one can control them anymore. Therefore, we need to teach them to love themselves and their bodies in order to provide it with only healthy food.

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