Proper Nutrition. What Does WHO Recommend?

Everyone knows that proper nutrition is a guarantee of good health. But in modern life it is not so easy to observe the correct diet. Now there are many temptations (fast food, carbonated drinks). In addition, all this is so delicious.

But sooner or later, each of us will come to a decision that proper nutrition should still be observed.

So, what are the rules for healthy eating in the World Health Organization?

1. Breakfast – required. You can not refuse breakfast. The first meal is important for both the adult and the baby.
2. Fruits and vegetables – daily. Every day you need to eat apples, oranges, bananas. Fruits and vegetables are always beneficial to the body.
3. Refusal of harmful food – forever. It is very important not to eat fried, salty and smoked food. It brings irreparable harm to health. In addition, such nutrition adversely affects weight. Here you can also include dishes from fast food. The action they have about the same.

As soon as you start eating properly, the well-being will improve very quickly!

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