Proper Preparation for Sleep

Insomnia – everyone knows what it is. In modern realities, no one can avoid this state.

The thing is that people are sometimes to blame for their troubles. The human brain simply can not rest. Constant stress, problems – all this will inevitably lead to insomnia. But such a state can not be left without attention.

So, what will help to cope with insomnia?

1. Mode. We must go to bed at the same time. Everyone can choose a specific time on their own. However, this can be a clock from 22.00 to 23.00. In this period of time you need to go to bed. At first it will be hard. But very soon the body will get used, and you will go to sleep already without reminders.
2. Rituals. Think up for yourself a ritual that will be associated with you with sleep. It can be a bath with foam or a tea ceremony. Before going to bed is best to make herbal tea. It is very tasty and healthy.

Accustom your body to a culture of sleep. Believe me, your condition will change very soon, because the dream will be strong and full.

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