Protect your health in the fall

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year, when hurrying to work in the morning or walking along the alleys of the park in the evening you can admire the colorful carpet of leaves that cover the paths and immerse yourself in the most beautiful memories, or calmly think about the accumulated affairs and issues.

Nature prepare for a winter sleep, and thus, as it gives us and all the opportunity in a calm, balanced environment to reflect on their own affairs and worries. And the first autumn rain is generally the best assistant for rest, because in everyday vanity we absolutely do not have time to set aside even a minute to just sit down and have a cup of your favorite fragrant tea looking out the window. The rainy autumn weather itself is simply designed for such a pastime.

The main thing to remember is that summer passed

But against the background of all the wonderful positive moments, there are still some disadvantages in this time of year, as in any other. One of them is that people completely forget that in the street it is no longer summer and they do not always dress according to weather conditions, which are very changeable in the autumn, and certainly not always have an umbrella.

Of course, the ideal option if you watch a sharp cold snap out of the window or the rain starts to stay at home and wrapped in a soft blanket to observe the changes in nature, but unfortunately this option does not suit everyone.

With a modern rhythm of life it’s very easy to twist and not take an umbrella with you, but if you suddenly find yourself in such a situation, it’s better not to go outside in the pouring rain, wait until it ends or take a taxi if you do not have time to wait. It is better to be safe and not to save on yourself, than to spend money on expensive drugs.

And, of course, do not forget that summer is over, even if the sun is shining in the street, it does not mean that it is very warm there, in the autumn of the year, the air temperature becomes lower and lower every day, and the sun is very tempting in your window. Going to work or for a walk, do not be too lazy to take a sweatshirt or cardigan with you, which will not take up much space, and you can use them at any time, and thereby ensure yourself a sense of comfort and avoid hypothermia. The same goes for shoes, open sandals and fashionable slaps are best removed until next year, and instead of them you should prepare shoes, ankle boots, sneakers, in other words, shoes in which you will feel comfortable and comfortable, and this is the personal choice of everyone.

Do not forget about proper nutrition

Special attention in autumn should be given to their nutrition, which should be useful and balanced. Each of us, at least once in our life, always faced with such a concept as avitaminosis, which means the absence or decrease in the intake of vitamins necessary for its normal functioning in the human body.

As a result, we get a decrease in immunity, which makes us very susceptible to various acute respiratory and viral diseases, especially children fall into this category, because their growing organism really needs vitamins, and adults pay attention to fatigue, malaise, skin peeling and others. not very pleasant manifestations of avitaminosis.

To avoid this, take responsibility for your diet and lifestyle. Remember that food should always be fresh, healthy, properly cooked and combined. Be sure to start your morning with breakfast and exercise.

Breakfast gives a person a charge of energy for the whole day, and at least an elementary morning warm-up will give cheerfulness. In the lunch break, be sure to include in the diet some useful porridge and do not neglect the fruits, and of course do not forget about the useful tea, which is very important in the fall. It can be like ordinary pure green or black tea, and teas with various herbal additives, for example, mint, lemon balm, very useful chamomile and ginger tea. If you are a very busy person and do not have the opportunity for a long breakfast or lunch, you can buy for yourself the necessary complex of vitamins, which are sold in any pharmacy, the main thing is remember-health is better preserved than restored. Watch your health.