Psychological traumas of childhood make themselves felt in adulthood

Many people suffer from the fact that at a small age they experienced some sort of psychological shock.

They do not even think that apart from the fact that this shock can lead to an unsatisfactory assessment of their lives, as well as the cause of permanent failures. After all, what we keep in our subconscious too often tells us how to act in this or that situation in advance, counting ways of circumventing the opportunity to face what in childhood caused a trauma.

Therefore, many men and women are afraid to take risks, and also can not imagine how much they are trapped by their fears.

But, according to psychologists, there are always a few percent of the hope that you can still fix it. Thus, if you pay attention to the existing problem in time, then it is likely that the day may come when you will completely get rid of your fears and complexes.

Why are we afraid of something?

To answer this question, you need to look at young children who are absolutely nothing to be afraid of. This happens only because they are not familiar with the possible consequences that are trapped at every step. None of the kids is afraid of the dark, simply because they have never seen anything wrong with it. And as soon as parents or acquaintances begin to exaggerate and constantly warn about something, a feeling of fear for themselves and their lives will be developed.

Thus, if you are deprived from the very childhood of information that something terrible can happen, it is likely that this will cause you to grow up as a person without complexes and any fears.

The main thing is always to believe in oneself and in oneself, and only mentally unhealthy people can fear for their life every second. Why do we constantly frighten our children with mythical creatures that are supposed to be taken or eaten?

The whole point is inability to correctly approach the issues of upbringing, which should be based on trust, and also on how to devote as much time as possible to own development and development of their child. If you were deprived of horror and stories about the existence of zombies in your childhood, then in the adult life you will not be able to disturb anything and your career will boldly go up, without fearing someone to offend on the way or break somebody’s friendship. Of course, in any situation it is necessary to remain a man, but do not forget that you need to treat everyone in the way that you get in return.

Complexes that prevent us from growing

Some adults can not realize that they already have children and now they have to take for the whole solution and build their own lives on their own. But most behave as if they were stuck somewhere in their childhood and constantly yearn for the approval of their parents and everyone around them for their actions. With this approach to life, you need to try to do as much as possible in order to quickly grow morally, because it is very difficult to be an adequate person among all of their peers.

The complex, which received the name “uninvited childhood”, tells more about the fact that all the time a person had to seek the attention of parents and try to earn their love. Therefore, when such people grow up, they simply do not know how to live differently and why not try to please everyone.

Very often, it is with the help of a psychologist that people come to the conclusion that all their actions have a common beginning and are drawn from childhood. Mentally healthy people will never try to please someone while sacrificing their own good, so if you notice the weakness of constantly helping someone, then you should definitely contact a specialist who will help you set limits and limits for help and self-sacrifice .

To achieve success in life, you need to be able to analyze your actions and always try to do so that you get pleasure from it, but none of the surrounding did not suffer innocently. If there are questions to the psychologist, then try to contact him as early as possible in order to start living the way you like it.

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