Purged for Beauty

Every woman wants to be beautiful. What has this desire, regardless of age. Everyone, even in old age, to remain young at heart.

As for women, they have this desire is much stronger than that of men. For the sake of beauty, they are ready for anything. This applies to all kinds of beauty treatments.

However, we note that in order to stay beautiful woman of some beauty treatments are not enough. It is important to eat right. The body should get enough nutrients.

So, what should be included in the diet?

1. Spinach. Spinach Eat More, since it contains iron (with the help of oxygen is supplied to the cells) and folic acid (important for each cell in the body).
2. Tomatoes. In summer, it is necessary to include in your diet the vegetable.
3. Apple. Apple – it is the fruit that you need every day. You can abandon banana, an orange, but not from Apple.
4. Walnut. Nuts you need to eat, but little by little. They improve brain function, and skin condition.
5. Beans and peas. Most eat legumes, they are involved in energy production.

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