Quality of Sleep

Nowadays more and more people suffer from lack of sleep. If you can not immediately fall asleep or you wake up several times a night, you can say that the quality of sleep is not the best. This problem should be addressed.

So how can you improve the quality of sleep?

1. Ritual. Before going to bed, create for yourself a certain ritual. For example, take a bath or drink a cup of milk. Thus you will gradually prepare the body for sleep.
2. Coffee. Avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon. One cup of coffee in the morning – would be sufficient.
3. Mode. Stick mode. Sleep should go strictly to one and the same time.
4. Linen. Buy bedding that you like. This is an important nuance. Do you want an adult to sleep on the linen, which shows the Bears? Please, more importantly, to sleep well.
5. TV. Avoid watching TV before going to bed. It is a bad habit.

Finally, I want to say that you need to go to bed when you feel tired. Strong dreams!

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