Queen of Autumn

Many people with the onset of autumn depressed and melancholy. But this is wrong, you need to enjoy life every day. Autumn – a great time at least, than the summer or spring.

So how can you easily become the queen of the fall?

1. Bright colors. Try to dress brightly. Bright clothes and gives a good mood and enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, no need to look comical. But a bright scarf perfectly completes the image.
2. Fur vest. Fur vest handy. The weather is different, so you need to be ready. In addition, this season – it is very fashionable and stylish.
3. Pants. In the wardrobe of every woman must have a warm pants. In wet weather you should always be warm and cozy.
4. Boots. No self-respecting woman does not meet the fall without shoes. Boots – this is the ideal shoe for the fall. Choose comfortable shoes.
5. Gloves. In the autumn necessary to protect the hands from moisture and cold. If this is not done, then cracks may appear on the skin.

Lovely woman, do not need to be sad in the fall. Be cheerful and always cheerful!

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