Quenching of Thirst

In summer, people are faced with a problem – how to quench your thirst? In the heat all the time thirsty. However, you need to choose the drink that can quench your thirst. They are not so much. Unfortunately, many of us have them completely unaware. It is much more convenient and delicious to drink a glass of sweet carbonated drink. Only you need to understand that want to drink more of it.

So, what drinks you need to drink in the heat?

1. Yogurt. Dairy products can also help to cope with thirst. In addition, they will be able to satisfy the hunger a little. Yogurt – is the best drink in violation of the bowel. It is important to choose a product with no additives or preservatives.
2. Green tea. Green tea is room temperature – it’s the perfect drink to quench their thirst. This occurs because it has a unique structure. If desired, you can add in tea spoon of honey and a slice of lemon.
3. Water. Of course, the ideal way to quench your thirst – it is water. It is necessary to choose without gas. Water – it is something without which can not live a single person.

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