Questionable Methods of Contraception

251120165Every woman knows how dangerous the consequences of abortion for a woman’s body. In this regard, many women feel the need to protect against unwanted pregnancy. But, sometimes, the methods chosen are not the most reliable.

So, what are the wrong methods of contraception?

1. Menstruation. Everybody knows that the maximum probability of conception, it is necessary to loop the middle. But there is always a chance of getting pregnant during menstruation. Immediately I want to say that menstruation – not the best time for love joys. This is due to the fact that this is the most vulnerable time of the uterus, as it can easily penetrate pathogens.
2. Breastfeeding. Many women believe that during breastfeeding, pregnant impossible. However, this is not quite true. Every woman’s body recovers differently, so no 100% guarantees can not give.
3. Emergency contraception. It is important to remember that emergency contraceptive pills can not be used from month to month. This can have a negative impact on the hormonal system. Tablets of this type can drink only twice a year.

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