Quit Smoking!

Nowadays, more and more women are smoking. This is a very harmful habit, which has a negative impact on women’s health and appearance.

If you believe statistics, the man in the modern world smoke much less. This is a very disappointing fact.

So, how do you quit smoking?

1. Desire. Every woman should understand that she is a future mother. Nicotine has a negative effect on the fetus. In this regard, quit smoking should be at least 6 months before the planned pregnancy. If you quit smoking during pregnancy, you may have a miscarriage. Thus, a stressful state occurs in the body. The choice is yours!
2. Appearance. Smoking negatively affects the appearance of a woman. The skin becomes flabby and saggy. In addition, from the smoking woman always comes an unpleasant smell.
3. Health. Undoubtedly, smoking affects the health of the woman herself. Because of smoking, there may be problems with reproductive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Lovely women, take care of yourself!

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