Dancing in the rain walking in the rain – it’s so romantic. But this is only at first glance.

In this case, you need to be realistic and understand that a walk in the rain could end up not very pleasant. All are well aware that your risk is very high. So, how to protect themselves from the cold?

1. Wet clothes. After ka come home – to immediately remove from yourself all wet clothes. Then try to keep warm. Other things you can do later.
2. A hot shower. Immediately go to the bathroom. Hot water will help get rid of a cold feeling. You can also hold the feet in a basin of hot water. There you can add dry mustard. After the procedure – wear wool socks.
3. Warm clothing. After showering, put warm clothes. It is important that it was genuine.
4. Tea. Be sure to brew tea. You can add to the lemon, ginger and honey. Then go to bed.
5. Vitamins. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. So the body will be easier to fight the virus.

Dear readers, do not get sick!

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