Ration of Models

Every woman wants to look attractive, but it needs to make an effort. To become the owner of a beautiful figure, it is necessary not only to establish a diet, but also in sports. These are simple rules that are not so easy to observe. But we must strive for this.

So, as you know, many women want to be like models. Therefore, every woman wants most to imitate her. Let’s find out what actually eat the famous model. It will be interesting to many.

1. Naomi Campbell. Every morning should start with warm water with lemon juice. This drink perfectly removes toxins from the body. Be sure to drink a model several times a day, herbal tea, juice. Her diet included vegetable salad and fish steak. Of course, yoga – this is what helps to stay in good shape and good spirits.
2. Miranda Kerr. From the salt it is very difficult to give up, but this should strive for. lemon juice and olive oil is perfect for salads. For breakfast, the star eats porridge and boiled vegetables.
3. Kate Upton. For breakfast, a celebrity eating boiled eggs and drinking green tea. For lunch, the star eats lean meat and salad, and salmon for dinner.

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