Recipes from the Cold

In winter you can find more and more people who suffer from colds. Nobody wants to get sick and do not like. But, unfortunately, of the disease is difficult to insure because it is transmitted through airborne droplets.

So, if a person is ill. What you need to do to recover faster? What infusions or decoctions should you drink?

1. Berries. You can always make picking berries. these berries can enter into it: rosehip, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, cranberry, raspberry. All this can make in a thermos. This tea has excellent tonic properties. berries billet must be done in the fall.
2. Ginger. The store sells ginger root. This miracle plant that helps with colds. It can grate and pour hot water. If desired, you can add lemon and honey. If a sore throat, it means number one.
3. Dried apricots. In the dried apricots contain many nutrients. From this it is also possible to make tea. drink taste very nice and tasty. On request, you can also add a spoonful of honey.

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