Recommendations After Training

1211166In order to constantly keep yourself in good physical shape is necessary to engage in sports, and not only in summer but also during this year, especially in our time, especially in large cities, provided with many different sports facilities.

But, even while living in a small village, we can organize a training hall.

Carried away by such classes, you must comply with certain rules in order to achieve a positive result. One of them is to try to set records, and apply a moderate load.

After the training course need to rest, but move to it should be gradual, which is enough to five-minute walk to restore the heart rhythm.

Naturally, after such loads an appetite, but should refrain from eating for at least 2 hours, at the same time not to overeat, and as for the menu, it should consist of vegetables, boiled poultry and vegetables.

And, of course, do not forget about the drink, which should be as before the training and after, with the use of pure non-carbonated water, at the same time, in any case not replace it with sweet drinks.

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